Merciii Cube Caramel


CUBE CARAMEL is a FABULOUS toy! He comes to you, already built for multiple ways to LOVE him.



Use it as a decor item for a baby’s room, as a nurturing buddy for naps or traveling (he also comes with a blanket inside!), for warming up the hands (yeah! Wool has this amazing gift of becoming warm and comforting…) or simply to light up your child’s imagination with role playing! You’d be stunned by how kids play with toys that are not precise on how to use them… Made with the best natural materials for young souls, he will engage your child’s awareness with its shape, colours, and treasures he will want to hide inside! You will be amazed by the softness of organic fabrics and how luxurious this feels! We know you want the best and we are honoured to create it so YOU can be the celebrity! By offering this toy to a child you love, you are creating a shift in how we make conscious decisions to preserve the planet. You are offering imaginative play for a child to thrive on and you also offer a high-end, natural and educational toy that is changing things! 😉

ORGANIC NON-TOXIC WARM & COMFORTING There is, inside, a velcro that enables you to remove the stuffing and easily put it in the washing machine (delicate cycle and cold water please!)

Also available in French



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