Merciii Teething Toy


Finally! A 100% natural toy designed to provide soft comfort while teething!

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Comfortably stuffed with pure Canadian wool (which is antibacterial by the way), and made with ORGANIC fabrics (also non-toxic), it is considered a baby’s best friend for playtime (you might even experience “not-wanting-to-let-go-of-the-toy” type of thing… we are sorry for that!), discoveries, as well as those inevitable teething moments (you’re welcome!). ORGANIC NON-TOXIC FOR PLAY & TEETHING BONUS: You might even try to soak the tips in water and freeze it. The wool will become warm to the touch while the tips will remain cold for more relief!  Babies lOVE to walk around with a few in their hands and play different games their imagination provides!

 FOR A BETTER USE OF THIS PRODUCT, WE RECOMMEND YOU CHECK OUT THE PACIFIER CLIPS. This could come handy when you want to travel with your child and he/she wants to bring it with him/her! The toy has a small hook on the side that enables you to tie it up so you don’t always need to pick it up… Thought you might like this! 😉

Available in 5 different colours: royal blue, hibiscus, avocado, charcoal, canvas



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